Amp Up Your Creativity

Join us in the classroom to find art activities to balance your left brain and right brain energies. You'll be open to new ideas, have better problem-solving skills, reduce stress, and have fun. Work at your own pace as you explore art (using everyday materials). There are 12 main activities and 6 "mini brainstorms" to help you expand your creative thinking.

Join us as we doodle, paint, collage, and explore art.

One-Time Cost: $99
Have access to the lessons for 1 year


Doodles, Lines and Marks

Explore a visual language by making marks, patterns, and simple drawings.

Do you zentangle?

Colors and Shapes

See how to influence your mood by playing with color.

Learn the meaning of shapes. Combine color and shape with wildly fun projects!

Abstracts, Collage and More!

Arrange snippets of your creations to see things from a different perspective. Try creative writing and learn how to archive your memories using an art journal.

Here's What You'll Learn

Each lesson includes a mini "brainstorm" activity to get you out of your comfort zone, plus a main project video with an assignment that will get the creative juices flowing. Work at your own pace. Each lesson will build upon knowledge gained in the previous one, and there will be lots of artsy goodness along the way.

Lesson 1: Random Scribbles (Doodles, Drawing, Mark Making)
Lesson 2: Super Powers & Affirmations
Lesson 3: Colors & Emotions 
Lesson 4: Shapes & Their Meanings 
Lesson 5: Memories & Mementos
Lesson 6: Tags and Gifts


If you've ever said, "I can't draw stick figures," this class is for YOU! We'll use materials and supplies you likely already have around the house; you just have to gather them.

My goal is to teach you to enjoy the creative process, with very little investment in tools and fancy art supplies.

Our days are filled with linear-thinking tasks: maintaining schedules, processes, routines, and sameness. These activities are associated with the left brain (the logic and analytical side). However, infusing our day with several minutes of right brain activities will balance these cognitive energies. We find we are more mindful, playful, and open to new ways of thinking.

Since I believe we are all innately creative beings, I created this class to allow yourself permission to think like an artist. To be silly, to surprise yourself, and to welcome what is possible. Learn basic art concepts and then learn how you can apply them to your daily life. It's fun!

Join In and Learn Through Creative Prompts

Twelve main activities, six mini "brainstorms," plus bonuses and surprises along the journey. See what's in store for you when you join our online creative community.


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