Paint Abstract Art Using Simple Processes

In this mini course, learn the key concepts for making great art. Once you know the basics, you will create with confidence! (I've figured out all the "missteps" so you don't have to.) Come along on this journey of mixed media exploration and self expression.


Paint Like a Pro

Save hours of trial and error with tips and downloadable worksheets

Choose Vibrant Colors

Start with a decisive color palette for harmony and balance

Explore Mixed Media

Watch video demos to know which art supplies to use in your composition

Course Content

Here's what is included in this mini course:

MODULE 1: Welcome; Supplies List
MODULE 2: Composition
MODULE 3: Color Palettes
MODULE 4: Rough Sketches
MODULE 5: Main Project: Large Abstract
MODULE 6: Series of 3 Abstract Minis
MODULE 7: Parting Thoughts

Create Abstract Art With Confidence

Learn the necessary concepts of composition and color in this mini course for mixed media artists. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this course will have you making successful abstracts in just one day. You'll get immediate access upon payment, and you can watch the videos and work at your own pace.


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